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Essential Oils


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Our Best Essential Oils Collection

Aromatherapy is a beneficial addition to your holistic lifestyle. In combination with other functional medicine modalities, aromatherapy can support healing and health.

The quality of your oils matters. Many essential oils available in grocery stores, supermarkets, and online are full of ethanol, fillers, and fake fragrances which can cause more health issues. That's why it's important you practice aromatherapy with a quality product you can trust.

At Regen IV Wellness, we only source the BEST essential oils to ensure you optimize your aromatherapy sessions. Shop our collection of essential oils that we recommend most often to provide supportive care to many of our therapies and treatments.

Why The Quality Or Your Oils Matters

Regen Wellness Vitamins proudly sources the highest quality essential oils from Young Living®. Using essential oils for health and healing requires oils that are pure and powerful in order to get the best efficacy and results.

Young Living® is the leader in essential oils because they carefully select the farms and ingredients they source for their oils to ensure their product is the highest quality. They're passionate about empowering the cultures they work with and promote sustainable farming practices.

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