Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Functional Medicine ​Lab Testing


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The benefits of functional medicine labs
A patient receiving functional medicine labs

Why Is Lab Testing important?

At Regen Wellness, we use functional medicine lab testing to address any imbalances in the body such as gut microbiome, hormones, thyroid, hidden inflammation, hidden underlying infections, toxic burden, nutrient deficiencies, or food sensitivities.

Our team of registered nurses and nurse practitioners create a customized plan to address root causes to optimize your health. Our goal is to empower you to know exactly what your body needs to achieve true health, instead of following a cookie-cutter plan.

With functional medicine lab testing, we get to the root cause of acute and chronic issues. Oftentimes, doctors only address acute and chronic issues by treating the symptoms by prescribing medications that cover up the problem instead of reveal it. This results in not only prolonging an ailment, but creating additional issues and side effects.

Consulting with you on your symptoms and concerns in combination with your lab results, we can help you on the road to living your best life by achieving TRUE health.

Regen Wellness works with multiple functional medicine lab companies to ensure all testing is completed with the highest standard of care and analysis.

“In addition to single-gene genetic disorders, there are just five causes of all disease: Poor diet, chronic stress, microbes, toxins, and allergens, all of which wash over our DNA causing changes in our gene expression, and turning off or on different genes and messages that affect our metabolism.”

- Dr. Mark Hyman: Internationally Recognized Functional Medicine Doctor


Hormone Lab Testing

The key to vitality and sex drive. Aging hormones play a powerful role in the body's regulatory system. Proper hormonal balance is essential to maintain optimal health and play a crucial role in how you feel. Testosterone, for example, enhances sex drive, strengthens bone and muscle tissue, and reduces fat production. In addition, it is a natural energy booster that protects against the onset of depression and heart disease.

Other hormonal deficiencies or excesses affect sleep, metabolism, and the ability to fight disease. Throughout life, and particularly during middle age. Diving deeper into your hormone production provides important insights to help maintain a health and vigorous life. Click HERE to learn more about our hormone replacement therapy services.









Thyroid Labs

These tests screen and monitor the function of the thyroid to help evaluate thyroid gland function and diagnose thyroid disorders. Addressing suboptimal thyroid function can help your perform optimally.

GI & Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities aren't just limited to allergens. Many people are sensitive to foods and don't experience the extreme allergic reactions we are familiar with. Oftentimes, food sensitivity symptoms develop overtime and frequent consumption. Symptoms include common ailments such as gastrointestinal issues, brain fog, headache, fatigue, skin issues and more. We offer comprehensive food sensitivity testing to address more than 200 foods.

Longevity & Anti-Aging

There are many underlying markers that can cause our bodies to age rapidly. Knowing these markers that exist in your body, and addressing them, can lead you to a longer and healthier disease-free life.

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