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Peptide Therapy
Exosomes treatment for rejuvenation

What Is Exosome Therapy?

  • ​You may have heard of cellular therapies to help renew the body. Exosomes offer a similar treatment option. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles generated by all cells and can be used to support a variety of conditions.

  • This non-surgical service is a type of rehabilitative medicine that uses healthy cells that may help heal and repair your damaged tissue. Exosomes may help decrease inflammation while supporting faster healing than traditional treatments alone.

  • There are a variety of uses for exosomes including:

- Joint injection therapy

- Hair restoration

- Anti-aging skin treatments


Benefits of Exosomes Therapy

​The main benefit of exosomes is that is uses NEW healthy cells to aid in healing. It has been shown to be effective in treating chronic pain from conditions like tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, and other joint issues.

Exosomes may help reduce inflammation and improve range of motion in patients with joint pain or other injuries.

Exosomes may also support anti-aging. Using these healthy cells may help create a more youthful appearance when injected subcutaneously by supporting the body's own production of healthier, younger cells. This is also effective with hair regrowth.

How Does Exosomes Therapy Work?

When you decide to use exosomes to support your treatment plan, we place an order for exosomes. This ensures the cells are new, fresh, and most effective.

Then, depending on your goals, the exosomes are either injected into the problem area, or infused via IV.

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Exosomes Therapy FAQs

What is Exosomes Therapy?

Overall, exosomes are a safe and effective way to support musculoskeletal conditions and cosmetic procedures without having to resort to surgery or medication.

What are the risks with Exosomes treatment?

Although there are some risks associated with the procedure, these can be minimized by going to an experienced practitioner like Regen Wellness who specializes and is trained/certified in this type of treatment.

Who should get Exosomes therapy?

Anyone who is suffering from, or tried other conventional methods for treating joint issues, cosmetic procedures, hair restoration, or COPD.

What are the benefits of exosomes therapy?

Exosomes provides restorative properties using naturally occuring cells to help your body rejuvenate healthier and more youthful cells.

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