Natural Anxiety Relief

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Natural anxiety relief is a way to heal your anxiety without using prescription anti-anxiety meds or antidepressants. Take a natural approach to healing your anxiety and avoid the ugly side effects of prescription meds.

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Natural Anxiety Relief

Experiencing the occasional anxious feeling is a very normal reaction, especially in today's world. When you begin to experience crippling anxiety, that's when you need to seek help from a professional.

Unfortunately, most medical professionals will write you a prescription for an anti-anxiety or anti-depressant and send you on your way. While there is a time and place for prescription anxiety medications, this is not a long term solution to healing the root cause of your anxiety. But, there's good news. There are natural anxiety relief options out there.

A lot of times, anxiety can be due to an underlying issue such as with your thyroid or hormones, for example. When you treat the source of the anxiety, there's no need for prescription anti-anxiety medications which means you don't have to deal with the negative side effects of those medications.

Did you know that prescription meds for anxiety can create more problems than they help? Side effects include:

  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness or fatigue
  • Dry mouth
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness, agitation or restlessness
  • Dizziness
  • Sexual problems, such as reduced sexual desire, difficulty reaching orgasm or inability to maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Impact on appetite, leading to weight loss or weight gain

Don't continue to add to your list of problems you need to treat. Get to the root of the problem and eliminate your health issues holistically and naturally.

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Natural Anxiety Relief Health Plan

At Regen IV Wellness, we believe in a holistic approach to achieving your health goals. In order to achieve your health goals, we create a plan that encompasses 5 areas of your wellness. Your customized health plan includes specific actions you can take in each of these areas to help you reach your goals.

What Does The Natural Anxiety Relief Health Plan Look Like?

Though your plan will be customized to your body, symptoms, and your goals, many of of our therapies facilitate natural anxiety relief. Some of the therapies that may be included in your natural anxiety relief health plan include:

​These are just some of the therapies you might see on your health plan. Additionally, Regen IV Wellness is consistently updating the list of treatments and services we offer to stay on top of the latest and greatest in holistic medicine.

The Holistic Health Approach

Doctor speaking with a patient about how to detox

Step 1: ​Consult & Analysis

You'll begin your new health journey with an initial consult with a medical practitioner. During this step you'll complete customized lab testing to get to the root cause of your issues.

A doctor and patient walking through a detox and cleanse protocol

Step 2: ​Review and Plan

At this stage, we'll review your labs and analysis and commit to your customized holistic health plan to address root cause issues and reach your health goals.

A telehealth call with a doctor to discuss detox cleanse protocol

Step 3: Re-evaluation

Throughout your health plan, we'll check-in at progress milestones and complete a re-evaluation to make any necessary changes to your health plan so you can stay on target with reaching your goals.

A woman celebrating her detox cleanse

Step 4: ​Maintenance Phase

When you've achieved your goals, we customize an ongoing plan for maintenance and support to ensure your stay on track with your results and prevent any future issues.

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